5 Minute Magic

Five Minute Spells

Infuse your life with intention everyday. 

Mortal life can be so mundane. We can’t end every workday with an elaborate naked ritual around a bonfire- fun as it would be! 

Counting down till your next Witchy event can be excruciating. But there are some simple ways to infuse your daily life with a little pixie dust.

Part of walking the witchy path is finding a way to live mindfully. Not every act of magick has to be an elaborate one. These 5-minute spells are perfect for the Witch on the go.

Dream Journal

Spells to Start Your Day

Don’t reach for your phone right away. Those precious waking moments are excellent for dream recall and visualization. 

Keep a dream journal by the bed, and record everything you remember. As you start to write, you may be surprised at the details that come back to you. Dreams contain useful messages, and practice will help you interpret them. 

Think about the day ahead. How would you like things to go? Picture yourself moving through tasks with ease. 


Self Care Rituals

Showers and baths can be an excellent way to raise some energy. 

If you’re a shower person, close your eyes and picture the drops of water as little rays of light. Here’s where you can get creative with color magick. Try gold for wealth, pink for love, or black for banishing.

If baths are your thing, add something organic to your tub. Citrus fruit, apples, or eggs work great for this. Place your item in the tub and, while bathing, picture all your negative thoughts drifting into it. 

When you have some time, find a place outside to bury your little ball of negativity. The earth will repurpose the energy into something beautiful. Just don’t upset anyone’s garden!

While we’re at it- play with the steam on your mirror. You could try drawing a sigil, symbol, or a word that encompasses your goal for the day. The next time you lather up, you’ll be reminded of your Witchy intention. 

acai bowl

Meal Time Magick

Our eating habits can be so mindless. Get your magickal day going with some kitchen witchery.

Your breakfast bowl can be a delicious mini cauldron! As you sprinkle ingredients into your oatmeal, think about their properties. Sprinkle your cinnamon with flair. It speeds up any spell and is excellent for love or prosperity.

If you’re a caffeine drinker, stir some positive vibes into your morning cuppa. Move clockwise to invite things in, and counterclockwise to banish them. Stir the shape of your favorite symbol and say a few magick words.

morning routine

Conscious Commuting

Pick a song that suits your current goal, and listen to it every morning until you reach it. This will become your suit of armor as you make your way to the daily grind. What kind of imagery goes with this song? Indulge in a 4-minute daydream, just keep your eyes on the road!

Voila- you’ve just had a magickal morning! What else can you enchant today?

Weekly Assignment

Move through your day with awareness. Notice when you zone out, and come up with a way to make those moments more mindful. Soon, you’ll be zipping through multiple mini spells a day, to the envy of those curious mortal co-workers.


Bonus Witchy Tip:

One of the easiest, most effective forms of magick is a simple freezer spell. Got a person in your life who just won’t take the hint? A situation that escalated quickly? 

Write it out, then stick it in the freezer. For an especially stubborn problem, try putting your paper in a baggy (or jar) full of water. It’s a 2-second trick that always seems to cool things down.



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