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Audio listeners rejoice! The golden age of the podcast is here. Who says Witches have to be stuck at their grand mahogany desks, translating ancient tomes by candlelight? It makes for a great photoshoot, but it’s not very practical. If you’re a beginner Witch, or an expert who can’t get enough, Witchcraft podcasts are one of the best options for soaking up knowledge on the go. 

Here are a few of our current favorite picks. Did we skip your Witch? We’d love to hear your top picks.

To Get You Out of Bed in the Morning:

Witches with boundless energy...

Hippie Witch


Joanna is a self-described “book-sniffing, cat-smooshing, tarot-reading, tree-hugging, incense-burning meditation enthusiast.” An eclectic Witch and life coach, she is bursting with enough “I’ll have what she’s having” energy to get anyone fired up about magick. Some episodes feature guests, others are just Joanna and you. 

Listen if… you want to explore all kinds of witchy, magickal themes in a fun, easy-to-understand way.

Skip it if… you’re not into perky people. (We see you, Capricorn.)

To Mellow Out:

Witches to wind down with...

The Black Witch Podcast


The goal of The Black Witch Podcast, according to host Markesia Barron, is “to destigmatize the negative beliefs society holds against witchcraft, specifically in the black community, through conversation that integrates spirituality and everyday life.

Markesia is a little difficult to find online these days (her Instagram, linked on all of her episodes, is not active.) But her existing episodes are lovely. With a serene backing track, Markesia guides us through different spiritual concepts based on research and her own point of view. 

Listen if… you want to chill out and explore spiritual themes on your lunch break. (Each episode is 20-30 minutes long.) 

Skip it if… you want a large library of content. After a short stint of episodes, Markesia appears to be on hiatus.

Neon Cauldron

YouTube Channel

Alese Osborn aims to “dig deeper into the real and surreal life applications of Tarot and metaphysical practiceon Neon Cauldron. A tarot reader, artist, and content creator, Alese has the laid-back 90’s dream girl energy that today’s Witchcraft is steeped in. She interviews plenty a fascinating guest, and hosts tarot themed episodes in season 2.

Check out her Instagram for some fun visual content with a lot of heart.

Listen if… you like a little sardonic humor with your Witchcraft.

Skip it if… you don’t.

To Hang out With a Friend:

Witches who feel like your new BFF...

The Fat Feminist Witch


Paige Vanderbeck is an author and practicing Witch (20 years with some lazy paganism in the middle, according to her intro episode.) She’s factual without being boring, and her candid nature gives her a sense of friendly familiarity. 

With mostly solitary episodes and a few interviews, Paige promises to “[examine] witchcraft and spirituality from a modern, fat, feminist perspective; with a cauldron full of sass.

Listen if… you like learning! Paige has a wealth of information on many topics. As a body-positive bonus, she’ll empower you to love the skin you’re in.

Skip it if… you don’t like personal anecdotes. Paige shares personal info from her own practice to put things in context.

Lil’ Black Witch


Join Praxie and Joi in their spirited discussions on moon magick, Sabbats, the fae, and more. Lil’ Black Witch is advertised as a safe, judgment-free space. The cast is specifically designed for Black Witches but open to anyone. As they so aptly point out, Black Witches are often left out of the “cute, October meme” side of Witchcraft, and the shift starts here. 

These two have such entertaining chemistry, you’ll feel like you’re on a coffee date where you happen to discuss your Witchy side.

Listen if… You’re craving some cute Witchy content from a BIPOC perspective.

Skip it if… You’re not into banter. If you want to skip to the straight goods, Joi and Praxie’s chemistry may not be for you.

For That Maternal Vibe:

Witches who feel warm and comfy...

The Witch Wave


The Witch Wave, hosted by writer, teacher, and curator Pam Grossman, is just so well produced. The combination of Pam’s enchanting voice and butter-smooth transitions makes it a real audio treat. The cast is described by Pam as “bewitching conversation[s] about magic, creativity, and culture.”

Pam interviews so many exciting people, from drag queens to dominatrixes. In her world, you may start to see how Witchy-ness plays a role in everything you do. Her mailbag segment is full of warm, loving advice for your tender Witchy heart.

Listen if… you want to see Witchcraft from a myriad of perspectives.

Skip it if… you’re looking for a straight-up “how-to.” Her cast is more discussion-based, but Pam has written a couple of books that may help you out.


When the student is ready, the teacher appears. There is an unlimited supply of esoteric knowledge on your favorite podcast platform. It’s just about experimenting and finding someone who speaks to you, who you can learn from. We hope this list is a robust intro to the exciting world of Witch casts.



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