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Flower Power

How to incorporate beautiful blooms into your craft.

Contrary to popular belief, Witchcraft isn’t all doom and gloom. Black hats and long fingernails are fun at a party, sure, but there’s a delicately sweet side to the craft as well. Are you someone who loves to decorate your altar with seasonal flowers? Would you like to be? 

flower bath

Don’t be fooled by their delicate reputations, there’s a lot of power in a flower. You might add petals to your spell jars, bring floral flavors to your kitchen witchery, or simply inspire your magickal side with a little bit of nature’s eye candy. Here, we explore some blossoms that are easy to find at a grocery store, and super effective in your magick. 



Unsurprisingly, roses work well for love, beauty, and attraction magick. Why do you think they’re the most popular gift on Valentine’s Day? As symbols of divine sexual energy, they’re wonderful for communicating with your inner vixen.

Use Rose Petals to:

  • Adorn your altar
  • Add a romantic scent/aesthetic to a magickal bath
  • Make rose water for anointing yourself/magickal tools
  • Enjoy a cup of rose tea while doing a tarot love reading
  • Stuff a love poppet or satchel

Use Rose Oil to:

  • Enhance a glamour spell
  • Anoint your candles/magick tools
  • Add some extra loving magick to your next massage

 Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera Daisies

You may have cast your first spell with a daisy. Did you ever roll the dice on the “they love me, they love me not” game? It’s a little piece of folk magick even the most mundane, non-magickal person can appreciate.

A daisy of any sort is a very magickal thing, but gerberas are especially wonderful because they come in so many bright, vibrant colors. Daisies are generally useful in spells for love, abundance, playfulness, and security. Daisies have a childlike whimsy to them. Use them when you long to feel safe and secure, like your divine mother is going to take care of everything.

Color Magick with Gerbera Daisies:

  • Red- Passion & love
  • Dark Pink- Gratitude, a celebration
  • Light Pink- Healing
  • Orange- Bright, sunny energy and abundance
  • Yellow- For friendship
  • Purple- To honor someone in your life, especially someone with feminine energy.
  • White- To purify the energy in a space, to mend an argument.

sunflower field


Because of their associations with the sun and their “large and in charge” energy, sunflowers have associations with the divine masculine. They are especially useful for lusty, sunny Sabbats such as Beltane and Litha. 

With their deep yellow color, they also fit right in with the gratitude practices of a Lammas/Harvest celebration. Overall, it’s an energetic flower that symbolizes family and creation.

Use sunflowers as an adornment for:

  • Fertility magick
  • Abundance rituals
  • To brighten a gloomy heart.

sunflower petals

Use sunflower petals for:

  • An anti-inflammatory tea (whether the inflammation is physical or psychological!)
  • Adding some color to your kitchen witchery- they make a beautiful topping on a honey cake.

Roast sunflower seeds for:

  • A blessed Imbolc
  • Any spells where you want to plant new ideas and see what develops.



Is there anything more mystical than purple? It’s a color that’s hard to find in nature and impossible to ignore once you’ve stumbled upon it. Violet is associated with the crown chakra which is all about wisdom, clarity, and connection to a higher power.

African violets are pretty petite, and easy to find as potted plants. Keep these blossoms around for:

  • Good luck and protection
  • Meditation/calming the mind

Hold onto any fallen petals! Violet petals are useful for sleep and dream satchels, especially when combined with lavender.



Part of being a witch is appreciating/connecting with the natural world. Even if your thumb is far from green, you’ll appreciate the organic element a little flower power can bring to your practice.

Homework for your new knowledge of Flower Magic:

Now that we have covered some information on flowers and their magical properties it is time to bring this new information into our practice! 

Step 1. Write Your Intention/Affirmation 

Write down your flower inspired intention/affirmation. Think of words that remind you stop and smell the flowers or of your own internal beauty. You can try using this if nothing comes to mind: 

"My intention is to feel divine beauty, within and without" 

Step 2. Remove Any Vowels and Repeats

Looking at the intention you have written down, erase or cross out all of the vowels and any letters that repeat, leaving only one of each consonant from the original sentence. 

Step 3. Simplify the Letters (Optional)

You can break down the letters into simpler shapes (lines and curves) or leave them as they are. You're choice!

Step 4. Choose One of Your Favorite Flowers to Inspire The Shap of Your Sigil

Sigils come together when we begin to arrange these shapes from the intention we have written. By using our favorite flower as our shape inspiration, we are reinforcing our flower power intention!! Think of the shapes of the petals, the stems and the leaves- let your sigil be an abstract representation of a daisy, rose or iris!

Step 5. Activate the Sigil

Draw your sigil, place it on your altar with your flower (you can use dried petals, a flower in a vase or simply an image or drawing of your flower). Spend 3-5 minutes every day meditating on your flower and your sigil drawing. <3


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