How To Write A Custom Spell

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How To Write A Custom Spell

There are countless sources for pre-written spells, but sometimes it’s hard to find one that feels right. Pinterest, that spooky corner of the library, and your cool grandma are fantastic sources of inspiration. But they aren’t you, and they don’t know what will work best for you. 

The prettiest store-bought sleep satchel will not work if you’re allergic to lavender, because it’s likely full of the stuff. If you hate the color pink, it might not work for your love magick. If you’ve got a curious kitten who loves to knock things over, maybe candles aren’t for you. You get it. Sometimes a custom spell is best.

Magickal correspondences are there for a reason, of course. And you’ve got to learn the rules before you can break them. But don’t forget: you are the spell. And it’s always easier to get the universe’s attention when you’re speaking from the heart. In magick, there are as many substitutions as there are spellbooks. So don’t be afraid to dive in and get creative.

Here is a little mental prep you’ll want to do before writing your spell. The clearer you are on what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, the better.


Check Yourself

What are you comfortable with, ethically? Every Witch has a different line, but there are some spells you may regret later. Should you, for example, ask a fate deity to punish your cheating ex? Or could this time be better spent mending your broken heart? Putting the focus on you, rather than the jerk who hurt you, will likely feel better long term. 

Take some time to meditate on your desire, and maybe consult a witchy friend. There’s no coming back from hastily made intentions.

Ask Yourself Why

What is it about this spell? Say, for example, you’re in search of a new living space. Do you really want to move, or would you stay if your landlord finally fixed that damn leaky pipe? The former will involve some visualization. The latter may be as simple as magickal timing and a strongly worded email.

Trust The Universe

Sometimes, we’re busy visualizing ourselves in the corner office, and we don’t know there’s an even better job opportunity at a way cooler building that just posted a want-ad. Specific spellwork is great, but leave some room for the Universe to surprise you.

new moon

Figure out the Timing

What moon phases or Sabbats are coming up? What days of the week work best with your intention? When are you going to be in the mental space to do this spell? 

You don’t like it when a friend rushes through lunch, barely listening before running out the door, so don’t be that friend to the universe! It can be hard to wait, but you’ll love having the time to relish in your magick. 

It doesn’t have to be perfect, just intentional.


Write Your Spell!

Now that you’ve done the mental work, it’s time to design your spell. You may want to crack open a trusted spellbook for inspiration. 

If you’re looking for protection, find some common themes in protection spells. Which ones speak to you, and what’s accessible? Don’t be afraid to make substitutions. 

ritual tools

Gather Your Tools

Maybe you don’t have parchment, but you may have some construction paper in your craft kit. Most corner stores have white emergency candles, which work great when you can’t get the exact color you’re craving. If you want to work with herbs, but don’t have access to anything exotic, look up the properties of the things you already have. Those salt and pepper shakers may have more magick in them than you realize!

A magickal “tool” may also be a deity. Is there a celestial being who feels perfect for this spell? Do some research on what foods, scents, or colors they might like. You may also find an image of them to adorn your altar.

Decide how you’re going to incorporate these tools, and be sure to have them all ready before you start your spell.

witchy home

Choose a Setting 

Do a little location scout for your spell. Remember to be practical in this endeavor, and choose a space where you can focus. If there’s a beautiful park by your house, but it’s always full of people, you may be too self-conscious to execute your spell correctly. If you’re at your most confident in your room, you’ll create beautiful energy there. You can always make a unique, outdoorsy altar accessory out of driftwood, shells, and other natural elements.

Finds The Words

Magickal words help you focus on your intention. They can be as flowery or straightforward as you want them to be. This is your spell, so choose something that resonates with you, not whatever feels “witchy.”

If you’re an actor with an excellent memory for rhyming couplets, you may want to go all out and write a long spell. If reading aloud causes you a great deal of anxiety, you can keep it short and sweet. Spells don’t have to rhyme, but speaking in rhythm can help you achieve a meditative state of mind.

Repeat your words as many times as it takes for it to feel “right.” As a general rule, words spoken in spells should be:

  • In the present tense. Ex. “I am in my mansion” rather than “I will one day move into a mansion.”
  • Positive. Ex. “I am in great health” rather than “I am not sick.”
  • Clear. If you’re looking for a romantic partner, but simply ask for companionship, you may find yourself with a lot of social events in your agenda, but still no dates.


Every little thing you do is magick, if it’s done with intention. So don’t be so hard on yourself if you don’t have the ingredients for a picture-perfect spell. A simple ritual, done with love and accessible tools, is better than something elaborate but half-hearted. Write what feels good and works for you. Who else is this spell for, anyway?

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