Moon Magic: A Guide to Working With the Moon Goddess

moon magic : moon goddess

Moon Magic: A Guide to Working With the Moon Goddess

I'm sure we have all felt a pull to the mystical pie in the sky. Have you ever looked up in wonder and just soaked it in for it’s beauty and mystery? If not, now is your time to give the moon goddess a moment. 

The moon is powerful yet peaceful, it pulls the tides of the ocean but also affects the tides in our bodies and emotions. Biological females experience the pull of the moon within their own bio systems as menstrual cycles can often be linked with the cycle of the moon phases. But nonetheless, ovaries or not, we can all imagine our bodies as mini oceans being affected by the moon. 

Once we understand our biological connection to this powerful entity, we unlock many magical doorways into understanding our life experiences and our natural surroundings. Now let’s dive deeper into who The Moon is and how we can work with her magic. <3


chinese moon festival

A Brief History of the Moon

For centuries, different cultures around the world have regarded the moon and its phases for its magical properties. There are endless rituals across religions and societies that work with the moon phases. Luckily, here in the witch community, we get to see innovative moon rituals pop up every month! 

But how did we end up with this magical satellite? One popular explanation is that about 4.5 billion years ago our galaxy was tumultuously forming, twisting and exploding! It is said that a rock the size of Mars impacted the earth, causing debris to fly out into space which eventually began to orbit our planet and form into what is now the moon! If that ain't magical, I don't know what is! Once we begin to realize the millions of mistakes and happenstances that created the world we know today, even the most speculative scientists might also start to believe in the divinity of magic.

 moon magic practice

Your Magic Practice and the Moon

 When learning about working with any element of the natural world in our practice, the biggest step towards implementing these tools in our daily lives and rituals is awareness and understanding! 

How can one notice how the moon affects them if they don’t track the cycles? One may be surprised at how quickly their mundane daily life can unfold into an endless array of mystical journeys just by simply paying more attention to nature and how it affects us. 

The moon is the perfect place to start. 

As a universal symbol of feminine energy, power, spiritual connection and immortality, the moon has endless stories to tell us with her illuminated face and her dark underbelly. In this lesson we will be giving you insight into how you can begin or continue your pursuit to understand the magic of the moon! 


moon phases 

Phases of the Moon

 Many witches across the board are aware of the magical presence of the full moon! It is a time for harvesting and cultivating that which we have called in. But every phase of the moon has a magical intention and interpretation.  

By getting to know each phase and their natural properties, we are turning the key for unlocking a deeper understanding of our connection to nature. Already an experienced moon tracker? Feel free to move onto the next portion of this moon lesson <3


New Moon 

In the darkest of nights, the sky holds an empty sphere as we see nothing but the dark side of the moon. Everything has been cleared. This is a perfect time to make way for new intentions and beginnings. 

Have a new project you can’t seem to get started on? The new moon is your friend! Allow the empty sky to invite your intentions to take on new challenges and overcome that which holds you back. Your rebirth begins on this night of the new moon!! 

new moon
New Moon Manifestation: 

With this empty sky, I open myself up to the opportunities ahead


Waxing Crescent

The waxing crescent is the perfect time for planting seeds (whether they be thoughts or a new batch of kale!). As the new moon has created space to set new intentions, the waxing crescent is here to begin taking action! 

Still a small sliver in the sky, the waxing crescent reminds us that the illumination is only growing. The light you see of the moon may be small, but it is only going to get wider and brighter. Take this visual symbology as motivation for your new tasks! 

waxing crescent

Waxing Crescent Manifestation:

I feel myself growing and shifting, and with this change I am planting the seeds of change


First Quarter Moon

The moon as this stage is a complete half circle. This is a turning point in the moon phases and is reminding you that the time to take action is now! All of the intention and planning you have set in motion  is now ready to be actualized. You have done the work to begin your inner process, and now you must move forward with your plans to get the whole pie!!

first quarter

First Quarter Moon Manifestation:

My time has come to execute my plan, I am willing and ready to take actions in my pursuit


Waxing Gibbous Moon

Now that we have done all of the intentional work and started to take action, the waxing gibbous gives us a point of introspection. Sometimes, every dream needs a little tweaking. 

Take this time to ask yourself if your pursuits are panning out. This magical moment is here to remind us we always have the power and ability to make shifts in our plans. 

Remember, rebirth rebirth rebirth! 

Even the most skilled practitioner will at times need to alter their course a bit to get the results they desire. 

waxing gibbous

Waxing Gibbous Manifestation:

I am fluid in my pursuit and I will remember to be like water. No matter the twists and turns I will be able to shift necessary to actualize this eternal flow


Full Moon

The sun has illuminated the entire moon in this phase. We see her in all of our beauty- and in turn, this reflects in our own pursuits! The full moon symbolizes completion, fruition and the sealing of our intentions. Everything becomes very clear. This time is amazing for enjoying the fruits of our labor or making deep internal promises to ourselves on a soul level.

full moon

Full Moon Manifestation:

I am big, bright and bold ! I am one with the illumination of the moon and my plans have become clear!


Waning Gibbous Moon

The waning stages of the moon are when the moon’s illumination begins to decrease. As our grand teacher slowly slips behind her dark curtain, we are reminded to not focus on external events but to connect with how we truly feel internally. 

The reality of the world is we really have no control over circumstantial events, allow the Waning Gibbous to give you the courage to allow your reactions and internal feels to be strong and sound. All we can truly change in this world is our internal perspective <3 

waning gibbous

Waning Gibbous Manifestation:

I honor the strength of the Waning Gibbous as I feel this strength within myself

Third Quarter Moon

 After we have taken time to think deeply on our innermost feelings and decisions, the Third Quarter Moon reminds us to use our newly refined internal compass in our life. 

Now is the perfect time to rid of old habits and patterns that are holding us back. We can use our innermost discernment to become more clear in our actions and be able to take on challenges with more precision. 

third quarter moon

Third Quarter Moon Manifestation:

I am shedding with the moon, as the light leaves the sky I allow space to rid of my old ways which no longer serve me


Waning Crescent Moon

The last sliver of the moon’s light hangs graciously in the sky. Take this phase as a reminder to give yourself space to relax and recuperate. It isn’t easy doing all of this internal work and realization, and the mind and body needs time to prepare for the next cycle. 

This is a perfect moment to do that self care you have been putting off all month. Let yourself be calm in the stillness of these darker nights, you have more cycles to take on! Forever and always.

wnaing crescent

Waning Crescent Moon Manifestation:

I am allowing myself the time to recharge, I deserve restorative magic as I feel at peace in my life


moon and the zodiac 

The Relationship of the Moon phases and the Zodiac

There is no simple way to put it, there is A LOT going on in the sky. As we go on with our lives- drinking our coffee, brushing our teeth and dealing with our daily stressors- there is an entire journey the earth and our solar system is going through each and every moment that affects us in so many ways. 

On planet earth, we are on a constant journey orbiting around the sun. As we continue this orbital journey throughout eternity, the moon follows a similar course orbiting earth as our densest and most influential natural satellite. The moon travels transitions through the zodiac every 1-3 days. If you are an astrology believe, we recommend tracking the moon in it’s zodiac phases! As the phases change, they correlate with the zodiac and will have different effects!*

*we hope to create an individual lesson on this subject in the near future!


 moon water

Making Moon Water

Ahh moon water, a tool that every witch deserves to have in her magical reservoir. But not all are aware of just how easy moon water is to make! 

Water is endlessly a symbol of purity and abundance. 

We as humans are made mostly of water. Now it is time to take this simple part of what keeps us alive to the next magical level! For any witch wishing to make a magical moon water elixir, we highly recommend preparing to do so on a full moon! 

The full moon has a beautiful, inviting energy with which you simply can not go wrong! But don’t be afraid to make Moon Water at any phase if the specific energy fits your current needs.

 moon waterProcuring Your Moon Water Vessel

You will need a vessel to keep your desired amount of water. You can be boisterous and fill an entire 3 gallon container, or go with a simple little mason jar. Any simple vessel will do. 

Want to add a more mystique aesthetic? 

 Go for that crystal goblet you scored at the flea market or the clay mug your mother created in college. This part of the puzzle can be as simple or over the top as you so choose! There is no right or wrong step here, you can even use a bowl! We simply recommend being able to lid your vessel.

 altarCreate a charging space

This step is by no means required. But oftentimes we find that doing that extra little bit of love and devotion really helps the intention go a long way! 

 What are your favorite objects? 

 Choose a selection of crystals or ritual objects to create a charging space for your moon water (they will get a little moon magic as well). This can even be your favorite necklace, a meaningful letter or your favorite scarf. As long as you choose something that is symbolically important to you and your intentions, anything is fair game!

 moon lightFind a space where your vessel can absorb moonlight!

Before the sun sets, investigate where is the best place to keep your moon water! You want a place where your water can absorb some of the moon’s rays. 

An outdoor setting is ideal, but not necessary. You can place your water anywhere, even if it’s on a window sill with the window closed. Place your vessel in your desired location before nightfall the moon’s light will illuminate the water, and the magic will ensue.

Also, if you miss the night of the full moon, don’t worry! Her potent magic lasts a few days and there is nothing wrong with being a little late to the show once in a while.

 drinking moon waterRetrieve your moon water!

Now that your water has been magically charged by the moon's rays, it is now time to grab your newly charged H2O! In the morning retrieve your water. You can drink it straight, boil it for your tea or put it in a spray bottle with your favorite essential oils for a moon magic room spray!

 moon magic

Moon Magic Traditions & Practices  

There are endless ways to incorporate the magic of the moon in your spells and rituals! Here is a list of just a few that will keep your daily life magical whilst connecting deeper with the moon goddess. Who knows what you will discover on this journey.


A Moon Magic Hair Trim!

Feeling like your hair just doesn’t get quite as long as it once did? 

Or looking for a way to add some extra illustriousness to your already perfected mane? 

Give yourself a mini hair trim every full moon! A wise witch once told me, by cutting her hair every full moon she was able to obtain the mane of her dreams! 

Every full moon take a moment under her rays to nurse your hair. Try that funky hair mask everyone is raving about online, touch your hair and whisper sweet things to it! Tell your hair you love it and you envision it growing long and strong! Now, snip snip!! Trim away as little or as much as you desire. You will be surprised by the outcome. 

moon diary

 Keep a Moon Diary

For an entire moon phase, track the moon phases and journal away. You can use this for your intentional spell work or you can simply journal what you are feeling on that day. If you are a fan of the zodiac, track what zodiac sign the moon is in at it’s different phases. 

Many experienced witches will say they begin to notice how the moon affects their mood, body and much more! By tracking the moon and how it affects our psyche, we can utilize it to better plan for big life events where we want to be in tip top shape!

 Menstrual Moon Magic

Let’s keep it real, not every woman experiences a menstrual cycle. Whether you experience the shedding of blood every month, every other month or none at all- we believe all people who identify as a woman can connect to their cycle with the moon. 

If you don’t experience a menstrual cycle, an easy way to choose when your cycle is energetically is during the waning crescent, or new moon phases (a time to rest, restore and rebalance). 

Now track your cycle with the moon! See how you feel and seek comfort in the moon as you’re guided through your lunar shifts each month.

 moon ritual

Now Let’s do something fun and interactive!!


ask yourself these questions: 


Which Moon Phase and it’s properties do I feel most connected to at this time?

Which Moon Phase do I feel I need the most influence and guidance from?


Now choose a moon phase based off of this internal questioning


Do some research!


Now figure out when in the next month this phase will occur, if you believe in astrology~ figure out which zodiac sign the moon will be in during this phase!


Let The  Preparation Begin!


Allow yourself about 20-30 minutes on the evening of the moon phase that you end up choosing. 


During the day or two before the night of your chosen moon phase, we want you to collect a few items


  1. A candle, white is a perfect go to. If you want to get something extra special, we have lots of beautiful ritual candles in our online shop.
  2. A ritual cloth. This can be any type of fabric or scarf that is either important to you or simply your favorite color
  3. Three items that hold symbolic or sentimental meaning. This can be anything, we don’t need to spend hoards of money on specialty ritual objects to interact with our practice. If you are struggling to think of items that you would like tu use here are some examples:
  • A pretty leaf or a flower (symbolizing the natural beauty of the world)
  • Any type of fruit or vegetable (symbolizing abundance)
  • Your favorite crystal(s), this can also be a rock you find at your local park!
  • A twig (imagine this as your magic wand)
  • Any other types of ritual objects (pendulum, crystal ball, tarot deck, your favorite necklace, a photo of a loved one, a sculpture or piece of art)

 moon phase ritual

The Ritual

Now on the evening of your chosen moon phase, place the three ritual objects in a triangle on top of your ritual cloth. Place the candle at the top of the triangle. Once your scene has been set and you feel at peace, light your candle. Allow yourself however much time to gaze into the flame. Ponder the moon phase and ask it to guide you on your journey. Allow this manifestation ritual to bring you meditative clarity and guidance.

We want to see your rituals! Take a photo of your Moon Phase Ritual scene. Share it to your instagram story, feed, the occultish facebook group or our discord! Tag @occult.ish and use the hashtag #occultishmoonphaseritual for a chance to be shared on our instagram! We can't wait to see the beautiful experiences you all have!! 

Enjoy and Happy Casting!! 






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