Radical Self Love: A Magical Guide To Harnessing Your Inner Power

radical self love

Radical Self Love

A Magical Guide To Harnessing Your Inner Power

What is Radical Self Love?


Radical Self Love is when our inherent state of being is worthy and enough. By allowing ourselves unobstructed access to our highest selves, we create an inner sense of peace and fulfillment. By taking radical actions towards our self love, we are making fundamental changes to its fundamental nature. Needless to say, we live in a modern society with incredibly unrealistic standards. From the false narratives of perfection that social media force feeds us on the daily, to our inability to survive in a capitalist society without working tirelessly- living in a modern world is simply exhausting!

city life


It is important to not be too hard on ourselves. Remember, we are evolved creatures who used to be connected to the land and its four seasons. As humans continue to modernize and migrate towards city living, we drift further and farther away from our inherent state of being. Even if you live in the country, it is still impossible to not feel pressured by modern society and it’s insane standards of non-stop productivity or the feelings of needing more, more, more!

We hope that with this guide, we inspire our witches to harness the deep love we all have access to within our selves! We believe that with these simple practices, one can create space to further their connection with self. Now let us begin.

First Things First

We understand this type of practice can be very difficult for many types of people. There can often be a lifelong journey of self realization that needs to happen before one can even understand what it means to fall in love with oneself. Remember, even if you’re feeling like you have some inner work to do or you feel like a plant whose roots can’t grow in a too-small pot, you can always make space to radically love the process. In turn, by accepting your current state of being; rather than focusing on the ultimate witch we all desire to morph into some day, we participate in radical self love - in the moment!

radical self love


Exercise Number 1: A Few Minutes in the Morning And Night

Ahh the mirror, the complexities of reflections have forever mystified humans. But at times, facing oneself can be a bit difficult. 

With this practice we encourage you to take a few minutes to face yourself in the mirror first thing in the morning and at night before bed. For best results, do this practice when you aren’t all dolled up for the day. We want you to do it first thing in the morning when your bed head is thriving and your eyes are puffy from sleep or at night when your makeup is scrubbed off and you have a bonnet on your head. Let yourself be vulnerable! Look in the mirror and let yourself feel full with satisfaction in your most simple state. You are enough in these moments, and every other that comes in between! Let yourself feel gratitude for all the hard work you do and give yourself some compliments! Compliment your eyes for helping you see the beauty of the world. Thank your skin for protecting your vessel from the outside world as it constantly regenerates. Tell your hair you love it for its kinks or its frizz, because all of these things make you, authentically you! Our bodies do a lot of hard work for us, they deserve the love!

vulnerable self love

Once you have taken a moment to compliment your imperfections, and see them in a new light for their authenticity and hard work~ speak aloud this radical self love manifestation:

“I honor myself in my state of imperfection. I allow myself to feel comfortable in my vulnerability as a human being and realize that I am enough in these moments. I thank my bodily vessel for all of its hard work and its flaws”

writing practice


Exercise 2: A Daily Writing Practice

It is easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the day to day. Oftentimes it’s easy to get carried away with the importance of functioning through daily life and we begin to lose track of the simple things that make us feel whole and fulfilled. If you are feeling especially funky and disconnected, I highly recommend doing a bit of writing each day to express your thoughts and feelings.

You can make space in your book of shadows to do a daily or weekly stream of consciousness writing session. Allow yourself to write down whatever it is you are thinking or feeling. If you need a lil boost to give you some ideas, start with writing down the simple things that bring you joy. We understand that depression can be very real for any and every individual, if you are experiencing depression you can try doing some stream of consciousness writing about what you are experiencing in the outside world. 

 Did you try a new tea that you absolutely loved?

Did you see an interesting bird flying around your home?

What color is the dark night sky?

What sound do the trees make blowing in the wind?

This exercise is designed to take you out of yourself momentarily. Focusing on the little details that surround us and forgetting about the woes of our personal lives. By participating in a simple daily writing exercise, we can embrace a meditative state and also fuel our creativity. Through this form of meditation we begin to feel at peace. Now after a few weeks, read back on your writings. What brought you joy? What was interesting? What made you upset? With a bit of mindfulness, you now have a wealth of information to help you call in the things that you love and keep away the bad. 

radical self love ritual

Exercise Number 3: A Radical Self Love Ritual

Step One: Set your intention

When practicing ritual magic, it is very important to be extremely clear with our intentions. Take time to do the inner work to question how you want to utilize this radical self love ritual. Don’t simply make your intention, “I want to love myself more.“ 

Make your intention specific to yourself.

Example:   “I want to free myself from the burdens of never feeling like enough, hating my stretch marks and being upset with my body when my back hurts. By accepting my imperfections, I wish to manifest a life experience of radical self love and expression.” 

pink ritual candle


Step Two: Selecting and Cleansing Your Candle

Candle Magic is an important part of you magical practice. With this specific ritual, we highly recommend using a pink candle as the pink symbolizes self love and fulfillment. If you do not have access or know where to find a pink candle, you can always substitute with a white candle, even just a candle that is special to you will work.

Now, it is important to remember that any object can soak up bad energy. So take your candle and put it somewhere safe outside at night for it to cleanse in the moonlight, any phase will suffice for this. You can also smoke cleanse or put it in a bowl of sea salt for 24 hours as well to relieve any negative energy from your candle.

candle dressings


Step Three (Optional): Dressing/Carving Your Ritual Candle

Dressing ritual candles can be a very fulfilling experience. Sometimes, the little details go such a long way when adding more time and intention into our ritual objects. Never dressed a ritual candle before? Not to worry, this is a fun step that won’t feel laborious. 

First you will need to gather some supplies.

-a butter knife, safety pin, pocket knife or other tool to carve your candle

-all natural base oil, we recommend using olive, coconut or avocado oil

-1 to 3 100% essential oils. This is a great way to add a bit of fragrance (all natural is important as we are calling in nature to guide us and strengthen our practice! We recommend Rose, Bergamot, Jasmine and Geranium for their self acceptance properties)

- 1 to 3 dried herbs, finely chopped or muddled (We highly recommend Rose, Damiana and Vanilla for their self-love inducing properties). But feel free to dig around in your herb collection, go outside and gather what is available or even visit the Spice Aisle at your local market to find the perfect addition,

Carve Your Candle

This step can be as simple or complex as you so choose. By using your carving tool (be careful!) you can carve sigils or symbols into your candle for more potency! Make sure to keep your witchy senses aware and carve in a direction away from you to prevent mishaps. 


Anoint The Candle

Mix about a tablespoon of your base oil in a dish with a few drops of your chosen essential oil(s). You will then coat your candle with this oil to make a sticking agent. You can either dip your candle into the bowl or use these special tips for extra potency!

  • If you want to BRING in something new into your life, rub oil from top to middle then from bottom to middle.
  • If you want to LET GO of something, rub oil from the middle outward to the top and bottom.

Roll The Candle

In this step you will be adding your collection of herbs to the anointed candle! Make sure your herbs are chopped or muddled in some way to make them easy to grip onto the oil. This step doesn't have to be perfect, the intention and the care you put into these herb teachers is where the strength and purpose lies. Sometimes witchcraft might look a little messy and that’s okay!


witchy bedroom

Step Four: Select and Prepare a Location For Your Ritual!

This step is important because you want to feel comfortable and confident in the space where you choose to do your Radical Self Love Ritual. We highly recommend smoke cleansing your space before doing rituals. If you live in an apartment or at home with your family, try to do this ritual at night when you won’t be bothered or when no one is home. The focus is on you! Don’t let distractions hinder your magical experience. If you have a favorite song that makes you feel empowered or happy, cue it up for your ritual!

Step Five: The Ritual

Now you are ready to perform your ritual. Once you feel confident that your space is clear and ready for this practice, sit in front of your candle. Read aloud your personal intention you have made. As you light the candle put all of these intentions into the burning light. Sit with yourself and watch the flame burn. Revel in your accomplishment for you are practicing radical self love! 

You deserve it. 

We all do. 

This article was written by Occultish's creative marketing executioner, Rowa Musings. Rowa has used her life long pursuit of magic and curiosities to inspire other witchy beings to be their most authentic selves. ~ Stay Magical <3 Rowa

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    I am new to all of this but so excited to get started. Any info to help a beginner would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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