Working In The Broom Closet

Working In The Broom Closet

What to do when it’s safer to stay incognito

Like it or not, Witchcraft has a bad reputation. No matter how mainstream the practice gets, some are still frightened by it. And that fear can lead to all kinds of ignorance. You may feel compelled to hide your Witchy side for many reasons, including:

  • You’re underage, and live in a household with people devoted to a practice that condemns Witchcraft.
  • You live with someone (roommate, romantic partner) who has a judgemental attitude you’d rather not deal with.
  • You’re just starting out, and want to make sense of all this before you practice publicly.
  • You’re a solitary Witch, and like keeping your practice to yourself.

No matter your situation, there are ways to indulge your Witchy side free of judgment.

Addressing the Rainbow Elephant in the Room

If you’re AMAB (assigned male at birth), and you live in a conservative household, they may be intolerant of hobbies or accessories they consider feminine. Anyone of any gender can practice Witchcraft, but the swag tends to be geared toward a certain aesthetic.

A lot of Witch literature will suggest getting into teas, subtle jewelry, and fancy baths if you’re a closeted Witch. These are nice ways to pamper yourself without seeming outwardly Witchy. But for some, it just isn’t an option. 

Fear not! There’s something for everyone.

Witch on the computer

Digital Witchery

If you’re using a shared computer, or live with someone who may look through your phone, you’ll have to be careful. But if you cover your tracks, there are so many online options for a baby witch. 

Witch Podcasts- Apps like Spotify don’t have a 'clear history' option. But most podcasts have a website where you can stream episodes directly. Get onto Chrome incognito, and browse to your heart’s content! A pair of headphones and a long walk provide all the privacy you need.

Witch Youtube- Find someone reputable who has been practicing a long time. 'WitchTok' is a source of controversy within the magick community. There are many inexperienced Witches on TikTok making grandiose claims. 

Youtube channels like: MintFaery, Hearthfire Fox, and Valerie Love all have amazing information to explore. You may not be able to like and subscribe, but they’ll feel the love.

Witch Pinterest- Having a Book of Shadows is a lovely, but risky way to journal your practice. A secret board is a safe way to keep track of spells, symbols, and concepts you don’t want to forget. As long as you remember to log out, no one will see it. You can even make some vanilla public boards as a glamour.



Cloak Your Deities

Want to work with a deity or archetypal energy, but fear you’ll be discovered? Take some inspiration from Santería. When West African peoples were enslaved and kept from their belief systems, they used Catholic iconography to continue in secret. 

Santería is a religion in its own right. It shouldn’t be practiced without a deep level of knowledge and proper initiation. But what you can do is use this concept in your own way. Find posters, wall art, or magazine clippings of your favorite icons. Is there a character from Game of Thrones who could stand-in for a deity or archetype?

Become an Environmentalist

Many WItchcraft practices are nature-based, and environmental efforts are perfectly compatible. Your herb garden suddenly isn't so odd when you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint.

The world of pocket altars is adorable and customizable.

Take an Altoids tin (or a shoebox if you have more space), and fill it with teensy Witchy things. These could include:

  • birthday candles in a magickal color of choice (or white for multi-use)
  • matches or a lighter
  • charms
  • crystals
  • herb satchels

You can even decorate the ‘walls’ of your pocket altar with colored material. Add some photos or words of affirmation.

If you’re worried about your pocket altar being discovered, maybe there’s a good hiding place for it. Do you have a locker, or outdoor space you may be able to stash it in? Try taping it to the back of a piece of furniture, or under your mattress.

Secret Divination 

Tarot cards and crystal balls are fun, but they aren’t inconspicuous. Try:

  • Using classic playing cards to represent the minor arcana.
  • Making a DIY pendulum out of any string/chain with a weighted object on the end.
  • Scrying with a dark, opaque bowl filled with water.
  • Make your own scrying mirror and cover it with a picture when not in use.



Now that you have some ideas, it’s time to put them into action! Start small and stay safe. You may feel you’re missing out by not living your practice out loud. But you’d be surprised by how many people are in the exact same situation. 

You can connect with our very own Occultish Witch Community on our private discord! We work very hard as a community to provide a safe place for our witches to talk and share ideas. The online discord is the best way to interact with a broad community of Witches and Warlocks in a private and secure way! 


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