Ritual Manifestation Candles

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Ritual Manifestation Candles

Choose from our collection of Organic Ritual Candles with Wooden Wicks and a blessing to add to your practice and enhance your spellwork. These beautiful 4oz candles burn for an average of 36 hours and smell wonderful. Each candle is topped with crystals and herbs, scented with organic aromatic oils, and consecrated for their listed intention.

Each Candle comes with a unique manifestation ritual.

What do you want to Manifest?



Black Rose

Sprinkled with Black tourmaline to dispel negative energy and grant strength and endurance.

A small Clear quartz stone acts as an enhancing stone while also serving as the Master healer.

Roses represent love, psychic empowerment, and growth.

Scent is Rose

Living Luna Ritual


Light of Venus

Sodalite ( little blue & white stones) are used for calming panic attacks and anxiety. commonly used to balance emotions.

Chamomile flowers promotes physical relaxation and sleep paired with the rose petal for natures own aromatherapy.

Scent is Lavender Love

Triple Moon Ritual


Aphrodite’s Awakening

Rose Quartz stone is used to bring in self love and attract love

Clear Quartz strengthens the rose quartz in the healing process

the rose petals are natures ultimate love symbol.

aromatherapy for the heart

Scent is Midnight Rain

Self-Love Ritual

Woodland Blessing

A mixed stone intention candle is to bring back all your energy that is yours. to feel your full self again.

Mixed stones ( can include, clear quartz, black onyx, pink and purple amethyst, sodalite and more.

lavender buds Paired with the rose petal

Scent is Autumn Blessing

Forest Enchantment