Kitchen Witch Zine

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Greetings witches!

We’re elated to share our kitchen magic zine with you! This fully illustrated zine explores the wonders of kitchen magic. From self-care soup to magically imbued ritual sprays, this guide offers spells, rituals, lessons, and more in 20 pages of this informative and fun Occultish Zine.

We want you to know you’re allowed to practice magic anywhere, especially while taking up space in the most popular room of the home -- the kitchen. Whether fulfilling a sweet tooth or making soup for a sick friend, the kitchen is where we show love to ourselves and others.

As always, remember to use your own conviction while navigating your practice; your discernment is your power! You can feel free to substitute materials, perform your own rituals, or chant your own spells.

What we offer is simply a guide as you walk on your own unique path. Join us in an adventure into the hearth of the household witch: the magical kitchen.

If you'd like to subscribe to our monthly zines, you can follow along under the "Unleash the Magic" Tier on the Occultish Patreon here!

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