Moon Magic Herbal Pack

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This Moon Magic Herbal Pack is sure to be one of your best allies as the moon changes in her cycle. It includes the entire herbal kit we put in our specialty Moon Magic Witch Kits, along with our Downloadable Moon Magic Ritual Guide!


Jasmine - This powerful healing herb brings us closer to the inner tides of our highest selves. It brings great understanding to our purest intentions and has incredible love-drawing power. 


Copal Resin - Copal is a huge grounding force when used for energetic cleansing. It aids in our attempts for a better state of well-being, wether it be energetic or physical. 


Frankincense Essential Oil - The aromatic qualities of Frankincense are unique and mysterious, much like that of Lady Luna. This essential oil has the ability to uplift our senses but also encourage a deeper meditative state.


Downloadable Moon Magic Guide - A comprehensive booklet which gives you insight on how to incorporate your new herb kit into you Moon Magic Practice, among lots of amazing information for any type of witch!

Each of these items is ethically sourced with care and best practices.