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Intuitively Selected All Natural Crystal Pendulum +  Sterling silver Chain. If you have a specific crystal you would like, please email or leave it in the comments. We will do our best to accommodate specifics.


Crystal Pendulums are known for their amplification abilities as well as their communication properties. Pendulums can be used for divination, spirit work, intuition readings, reiki, and more. These all-natural pendulums are a decent size and weight for easier readings. Every kit comes with an introductory guide as a downloadable attachment for attuning and bonding with your pendulum.

These are also available as a kit with an included pendulum board.

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I would just like to say how impressed both my wife and myself were with the kit. I ordered the medium and you packed it full for her, everything was perfect. I can’t put a price on her happiness, but I can say this was only the first of many orders to come. Thank you for helping me relight the spark of something she loves, looking forward to seeing what the next order brings

Nicholas Stovall

The package got here safe and sound, and everything is so beautiful! I've been feeling so spiritually out of touch, and this kit just gave me a magick boost! I'm absolutely in love with the rose quartz pendulum, and the Temperance tarot card.

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Jessica Klimyshina

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