'Wandering Forest Herb Bag'

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Wandering Forest Herb Bag

This combination herb kit comes with a selection of herbs so that you can explore a wide range of herbs for use in your practice. Each kit also includes a canvas bag for collecting and storing herbs, as well as a herbalist lesson plan for identifying, using, and gathering your own herbs for your practice. Each Wandering Forest Bag comes with a Manifesting Growth Seed Pack and Higher Growth Planting Ritual so that you can start growing your own manifestations!

I order herbs locally so the selection of herbs may change. You will always recieve the same quantities as listed below. All herbs are ethically and sustainably sourced with extreme awareness toward cultural identities and practices.

What’s in the Bag?

  • 1 oz Everyday Magic Organic Herbs
  • .5oz Ritual Organic Flowers
  • 2x .25oz Advanced Herbalist Selection
  • Apothecary Jar
  • 7” x 9” Gathering Satchel
  • Wandering Forest Herb Guide (Download)
  • Organic Seed Pack
  • Higher Growth Planting Ritual (Download)

Please report any allergies via email occultishemporium@gmail.com

Not all herbs are safe for consumption, use at your own risk and research thoroughly. The FDA does not approve any of the selected herbs for medical treatment of any kind. If you are sick or injured please contact your physician.